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Thinking about fresh herbs is all you need to get the party started!

Happy February, and Happy Black History Month! We welcome you! Here are some of our February shop favorites to continue to fold into the Year of the Rabbit!

Top picks for February:

Euphoria (Come in and try Erth Beverage + a shot of Euphoria- for a hydrating love potion bevy!)

Naked Rose Oxymel

Rose Petals & Buds (In Bulk)

Catuaba (In Bulk)

Vava Voom Tea

ROR Body Oil

Books: Black & Native Attention as Miracle , The Medicinal Mushroom Beverage Room & Body Into Balance

Love Potion | Joy, Ecstasy + Bliss

Buy EUPHORIA Elixir | Aphrodisiac

Herb of the Month - Rose


Wild Rose (Rosa spp.) Reminder- to stop and smell the roses. Herbs to relax the heart. What is Wild Rose? A shrub that may grow to about 5ft. Smooth stem, this beauty is tough and hearty with sharp thorns and serrated leaves with 2-3 pairs of leaflets, plus pink, red, or sometimes slightly white flowers and scarlet hips. Rose happens to grow quick abundantly throughout the Treasure Valley especially throughout the foothills and along the Greenbelt. Note: where you find the rose petals in the early summer, you will find rosehips in the fall/ winter. Parts of Rose used: flowers, buds Rose Benefits Rose petals are an uplifting addition to herbal teas and may reduce stress and help heal heartache. Even just inhaling or looking at parts of roses may impart their healing properties. Rose br