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Spring Forward with Intention

Springtime in the Treasure Valley is such a special season for us. Foothills are painted with Arrowleaf Balsamroot, our gardens start to wake up, the birds are singing . . . all symbolizing the beginning of new life. Yet, it's hard to think about spring when we are currently experiencing Idaho's second winter here in the Treasure Valley! We hope you are staying warm, healthy, and cozy.

Let's spring forward with intention. Spring is traditionally associated with birth and renewal, a welcome fresh chapter after a long winter. The time has (or will) come for new life to begin. Things are growing!

Before you know it, spring will be here! With the blooming and new growth, spring can also bring up seasonal allergies. Head to our blog to read Spring Allergies: The Vervain Collective's Holistic Approach. You will find our favorite go-to remedies to ease into this sneezy time of year!

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

What is Turmeric?

A relative of ginger, the bright yellow herb comes from the underground stems (rhizomes) of the turmeric plant.

Parts of turmeric used: Root (rhizomes)

Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric well known for it's varied anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric has the unique ability to both stimulate and protect, while also healing, the liver.

Ready for more Turmeric?

You can find Turmeric in these incredible blends at The Vervain Collective, as well as in Bulk Herb, Powder and bulk tincture.

Spring forward with a healthy liver!

“Spring is the season when the life forces awaken again. The sap begins to flow; the plants begin their life cycle; the streams and rivers are gushing. In our bodies, too, our life flow awakens with force." -Rosemary Gladstar

Chinese Medicine also considers spring to be the time of peak Liver & Gallbladder energy time. A sluggish, stagnant, or deficient liver can't keep up with the stimulation of spring, and can exacerbate health conditions and lead to skin conditions, allergies, headaches, and more. You can provide a daily kick to your liver and digestive processes with bitters! We have a plethora of delicious herbal bitters for mocktails or use directly on the tongue 15-minutes before meals.

Other naturopathic tools for liver, lymph, and digestive support are:

Castor Oil Packs (check out this video on how to use the castor oil pack!)

Find us at Treefort we are looking forward to hitting the Mainstage at Treefort Music Fest, and enjoying the vibe of "patio season"!

Take a Class With Us!

April 4, 430-630


Join us in a captivating 2 hour journey where we'll blend the healing power of tea crafting and ritual art, culminating in an inspired expression of the goddess within. Guided by your intuition and the magic of a curated collection of botanicals, you'll have the opportunity to concoct your own goddess tea blend, infusing it with intentions and energies that resonate with your inner goddess. We'll then harness the power of the plants from our tea blend to inspire and guide our artistic expression in a guided ritual art process to unleash your creativity, awaken your intuition, and embody the radiant goddess that resides within you.

Meet our practitioners!

If you're a practitioner who would like to be more involved with The Vervain Collective community, please get in touch! We have many entry points - from using our apothecary for custom blends, teaching classes, meeting with patients/clients, and more! Here is our "For Practitioners" resource page. 

Please note our hours!

The Vervain Collective is open Tues-Sat 9-7 and Sun 11-5.  Our online store is open 24/7 for shipping and pickup.

We can't wait to see you!

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