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Nature-based healthcare is not a new or radical concept. Principles and practices from societies around the world have been passed down through generations and merged, adapted, modernized, and localized for integrative wellness that is both current and timeless.


The natural medicine chest is full of curious abundance from plants, minerals, mycorrhizae, and more. To explore this abundance is to open up to a health practice that is full of possibility and personalization. Let us be your connection to a vast network of growers, makers, practitioners, and teachers that will help you navigate the world of wellness.

Vervain features a curated selection of high-quality vital products from well-respected producers and makers. We carry bulk herbs, powders, roots, berries, & seeds; teas, tinctures, elixirs & syrups; skin and hair care oils, salves, masques, and cleansers; supplements, pills, and tablets . . . and much more!

Visit our online shop for delivery/pickup!

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