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Meet the Vervain Team!

Meet Dr. Nicole Pierce, NMD. A Boise native who began her medical career at The National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon, Nicole's interest and joy is in connecting people to one another. Co-creating The Vervain Collective was a manifestation of her passions for community building and wellness care. Naturopathic medicine requires an integrative, systematic approach to formulate a treatment plan tailored to the individual; focusing on the cause, not just the symptoms. Effective community building shares a similarly systematic approach. Nicole looks forward to welcoming you to the Vervain plant-based apothecary, to learn about your needs over a cup of tea. You will walk away feeling supported with some advice to incorporate into your health routine and most likely an introduction to a new person or product line you will adore!

Meet Kelsey Jae. Kelsey Jae. Kelsey’s in love with her ever-expanding garden and eager to expand her knowledge of the powers of plant based health through The Vervain Collective community. She explored a career in integrative medicine in college, but chose to become an attorney instead! She has years of experience building partnerships around energy, the environment, and sustainability while focusing on building community and support for local economies and purpose driven ventures. She is a Fellow with the Sustainable Economies Law Center and runs her own private practice, Law for Conscious Leadership, which is committed to supporting others as they develop meaningful livelihoods and create a more resilient economy. She also was a founding partner of the sustainability consulting firm, Warm Springs Consulting. She brings her passion for lifelong learning, infusing love into business relationships, and pursuing new adventures to The Vervain Collective.

Shop Stewards

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Erika is an herbalist who has studied with The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, The Science and Art of Herbalism, as well as other herbalists from around the Pacific Northwest. She is the product/medicine maker, wild crafter, grower, formulator, and herbalist for Wild Ginger farm+forage. In addition to her passion for herbs and herbal medicine she also loves gardening, houseplants, live music, foraging and exploring the Idaho mountains and spending time with her husband and their 3 kids and 2 dogs.



Amanda has an adventurous heart and is passionate about the outdoors, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.

Born and raised in the Puget Sound of Washington state, she was raised connecting herself to harvesting and growing her own food with her family. Now certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, she has the honor to help folks adjust their diet and lifestyles to thrive in their lives. After years of struggling with her own health, Amanda sought out natural healthcare, holistic health & herbal medicine. Amanda enjoys long distance trail running, backpacking, camping,  fly fishing, learning to forage, gardening – cooking, almost anything outdoors exploring the vast abundance of what Idaho has to offer, she enjoys these activities with her husband and dog- she also has a cat.

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Jayde is a born creatrix, a space holder, poet, herb lover, and a holistic photographer. Despite how "Americanized" her upbringing was, her tribally affiliated lineage and personal interests have led her deeply into a life of recognized ceremony. A life of walking prayer. A life of learning what it is to be human, creature, and allowance to become within multidimensional magnitudes. She sees the ever evolving world as a sprout from the seed of Love, perceiving the world through the mind of a young philosopher and always returning to the innate divinity of it all. 

Before moving to Denver to go to art school, Jayde grew up in the country and cultivated her own herb garden next to the family's veggie garden. In the country she rode horses bareback with her little brother and would spend many summer nights lying on the roof of her home at night to admire the stars. Her love for this earth and all upon it is a vast expanse and she remains perpetually astounded by the magick provided and created by this earth alone.

As a holistic photographer, Jayde has had the honor of witnessing and experiencing a myriad of modalities that are weaved into the way she herself learns to hold space with her lens and is also where she was introduced to many herbal remedies. Co-creating with clients that are herbal remedy makers and working with naturopathic doctors and bodyworkers has allowed her insight into her own body and homemade remedies that have helped her heal along the way, one of which she has created a small business out of, being botanically infused castor oil. She is passionate about sharing this earthly wisdom with others and will always continue to learn more!

When Jayde isn't at the herb shop or on set, you can find her on wild adventures in the woods, soaking in springs, leading guided drum journeys, and so much more ~ for more, check out her offerings at 



Jaimi is a maker, a herbalist, a naturalist, a crafter, a traveller, a moon worshiper, and is perpetually learning something new. At any point in time, she may be making stained glass, crafting a tincture, volunteering as an Idaho Master Naturalist, flying to Amsterdam, hosting a goddess circle, or fashioning a beaded necklace in her studio!
Jaimi was raised on a farm in Southern California amongst walnut trees and orange groves. The abundance of plants and animals filled her with a deep love of nature. She has always been fascinated by how plants grow and transform into flowers, food, and medicine. As a child, one of her first memories was an attempt at making wine from grape juice! She has been creating ever since. Jaimi was led to become a Master Herbalist in 2016 after Western Medicine left her disappointed. She opened Wildish Botanicals, making custom tinctures, fire cider and salves to barter with the shops in her community and to promote the health of friends and family. Since moving to Boise, she has become more attuned to the rhythm of nature. Jaimi’s
affinity for the moon, following Luna’s cycles of manifesting and letting go, took on a ritualistic quality. She inherited her beloved goddess circle and began building the Wildish version.
Gathering like-minded women in monthly gatherings nurtures a deep community that celebrates the divine feminine found within the mirror of the moon, Mother Earth, and each other.



Kayla loves the magic of the natural world deeply. She explores the intricacies of herbal medicine through education, art and adventuring into the wild. In 2020 she completed The Science and Art of Herbalism course and started her journey toward a more holistic way of healing. She is motivated by discovering new ways of settling and nourishing the nervous system. Her discoveries so far include daily movement, making herbal allies, and building an understanding and loving community. Her specialty is creating effective daily rituals that nourish the soul as well as attuning to the cycles of the womb and its complexities. She strives for collective healing and knowledge sharing. She believes that connecting to our ancestors and traditional ways of healing is the answer to this healing.

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