The Vervain Collective supports the natural health community by providing an affordable, shared consultation space for practitioners to interact with clients and spread their knowledge. We hope to contribute to more people having access to holistic health care and more success for natural health practitioners.


Dr. Nicole Pierce, NMD

Naturopathic medicine

Dr. Nicole Pierce, NMD is a licensed naturopathic physician and a founder of The Vervain Collective. Naturopathic medicine is an approach to primary health care focused on natural therapies that emphasize prevention and the body’s self-healing. Dr. Pierce offers supportive therapies that can be implemented as alternatives to, or in conjunction with, conventional care.


Gail Kloosterman


Gail has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with Next Ingredient LLC. She offers one-on-one nutritional consulting for a variety of health challenges and wellness goals, including menstrual cycle regulation, chronic illness management, and digestive optimization. Next Ingredient also provides clients with access to podcast episode links, digital downloadables, and other products and educational materials from Next Ingredient.


Lindsay Kolpitcke

ADHD Coaching/Hypnotherapy

Lindsay is a certified Brain, Life and Health Coach, as well as a Hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT Practitioner, specializing in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder coaching. ADHD coaching is a collaborative process between the coach and client, helping to identify where and how the client is being held back, the client’s goals, and establishing a structured plan for the client to reach said goals. Also involved in this process is an understanding of the ADHD brain and how the primary symptoms of ADHD (inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity), as well as the secondary symptoms (depression, low self-esteem, easily overwhelmed, etc.) may be contributing to the client’s life challenges, and working to overcome those challenges. Additionally, the advantages of having ADHD are acknowledged and strengthened so the client is able to both view ADHD not as a setback, but a mere challenge, and thrive in their environment.




Janell has been a Reiki practitioner since 2014. She's always felt drawn to the principles of Eastern Medicine: Our bodies respond to the environment around us, as we are connected to nature. Our bodies know how to heal, as we are born with a natural self healing ability. Every part of our body is an integrated whole. Janell began her journey when her sister was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She received Reiki throughout her chemo and radiation and as a result, needed very little pharmaceutical intervention. Her oncologist encouraged her to continue the sessions, as she believed it was positively affecting her treatment outcome. Eight years later, she is still cancer free. From this experience, Janell found her passion and purpose. She's always excited to meet new clients who are ready to take ownership of their personal healing journey and partner with her to find and bring forth their own inner healer.


Amanda Johnson

Functional Nutritional Therapy

Amanda is a Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). She's a natural + functional + whole food fanatic + wholistic healer who offers 1:1 Nutrition Coaching to help support people seeking the root cause of various health challenges. Issues addressed can include hormonal imbalances, reduced energy, sleep issues, digestion and nutrient assimilation, blood sugar imbalances, and general wellness goals to make diet regime changes to feel wildly nourished. Amanda feels passionate about acknowledging the bio-individuality of her clients and supporting their wellness through nourishing real + functional foods, mindful movement, education, and lifestyle tips.




Jeni was born and raised in Boise and has a passion for health, healing, and helping. Jeni is a licensed esthetician, Master Level Reiki and is working on a certificate in Biofield Tuning. She is always looking for opportunities to share what she's learned and give back and work with and around the community. Jeni is married with 3 kiddos - her youngest just moved out and she is feeling the call of the Crone. Jeni's company, Urban Calm, has a mission to inspire community healing.