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The Vervain Collective supports the natural health community by providing an affordable, shared consultation space for practitioners to interact with clients and patients and spread their knowledge. We hope to contribute to more people having access to holistic health care and more success for natural health practitioners.*

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Naturopathic medicine

Dr. Nicole Pierce, NMD

Dr. Nicole Pierce, NMD is a licensed naturopathic physician and a founder of The Vervain Collective. Naturopathic medicine is an approach to primary health care focused on natural therapies that emphasize prevention and the body’s self-healing. Dr. Pierce offers supportive therapies that can be implemented as alternatives to, or in conjunction with, conventional care.

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Thayne Breeze - AOBTA® - CP

Thayne found AMMA Therapy to be a helpful pairing to Western Medicine, both as a diagnostic tool and treatment option. What he loves about Traditional Chinese Medicine is each treatment is specifically designed for each individual. Thayne is spiritually open-minded with a calming presence and he enjoys learning new perspectives. In his personal time he prefers to be in the outdoors, especially near bodies of fresh water with high mountains. Sessions may include: -Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis -Gua Sha -Fire Cupping

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Energy Healing & Reading

Susan Fullmer

Susan Fullmer is an energy healer and an energy reader. She has been
working with clients since 1990. Her passion for healing is something she has
explored through many experiences in her life such as 35 years of nursing
(working both as a medical and psychiatric nurse). Susan has been a licensed massage therapist since 1994 specializing in energy healing, and has
extensively studied energy medicine.
She also teaches a variety of classes on the healing arts and has a plethora of
experience in group facilitation and mentorship. In 2019 she graduated from
Boise State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with certificates in
Leadership and Human Relations, and Dispute Resolution.

Website - Intuitive Explorations with Susan Fullmer https://susan-


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*The Vervain Collective LLC is a separate business from the businesses of the practitioners who use Vervain's space. All relationships between the client/patient and practitioners are independent of Vervain. Vervain collaborates with practitioners but explicitly disclaims any liability for actions taken by practitioners or impacts of those actions on their patients/clients*

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