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Valentine's Day Mindfulness

The Vervain Collective loves love! We like to use Valentine’s Day as a reminder for cultivating more presence in the most important relationships on this love-centric day - starting with yourself. Often the preparation of Valentine's Day can feel anything but mindful, but we hope to help break this collective pattern by trying a few new Valentine's Day rituals that can fill your and your own collective's cup.

Meditation or Sound Bath (Look up 528hz on YouTube!)

Yoga Class

A walk in nature alone or with a friend

Cook a favorite meal

Say "I love you!" to yourself in the mirror

Brew a cup of herbal tea and enjoy!

May you feel loved and seen on this love-centric day.

The Vervain Team

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we have lots of beautiful gifts to treat that special someone (including yourself). We even have galentines and kiddos covered!

Lovely recipes to share with a loved one, or for yourself!

Rose Infused Honey

Dried rose petals (enough to fill your jar)

Honey (locally raw honey is best)

Small jar


Fill your jar with dried rose petals

Fill the jar with honey

Stir to remove air bubbles

Add more honey as needed to completely cover the rose petals

Allow the honey to infuse for a few days before using

Strain the petals from the honey

Use your rose-infused honey as you would any other honey. Can impart a floral note to baked goods, tea, oatmeal, or alone on the spoon :)

Herb of the Month  -  Meet Rose! #VERVAINHOTM

Wild Rose (Rosa spp.)

Reminder - to stop and smell the roses. Rose is an herb we reach for to relax the heart.

What is Wild Rose?

A shrub that may grow to about 5ft, with smooth stems. This beauty is tough and hearty with sharp thorns and serrated leaves with 2-3 pairs of leaflets, colored pink, red, or sometimes slightly white flowers and scarlet hips.

Rose happens to grow abundantly throughout the Treasure Valley especially throughout the foothills and along the Greenbelt. Note: where you find the rose petals in the early summer, you will find rosehips in the fall/ winter.

Parts of Rose used: flowers, buds

Rose Benefits

Rose petals are an uplifting addition to herbal teas and may reduce stress and help heal heartache. Even just inhaling or looking at parts of roses may impart their healing properties.

Rose brings joy and opens the heart.

Rose is a gentle astringent for other body systems, helping tone and tighten an inflamed GI mucosa, and may also support the nervous system and reproductive systems as well.

With its astringent and nourishing properties, you may notice rose is often featured in skin care remedies (and rightfully so!)

Interested in hearing more about Rose?

Ready for more Rose?

You can find Rose in these incredible blends at The Vervain Collective, as well as in Bulk Herb and Powder.

Meet our practitioners!

Please note our hours!

The Vervain Collective is open Tues-Sat 9-7 and Sun 11-5. Our online store is open 24/7 for shipping and pickup.

We can't wait to see you!

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