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AMMA - Traditional Chinese Medicine

AMMA is a specialized form of skilled touch therapy that combines deep tissue bodywork with the application of pressure, friction, and touch to specific acu-points, superficial primary and tendino-muscle energy channels, muscles, ligaments, and joints. It is rooted in the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, focusing on the balance and movement of Qi within the body.

Thayne Breezee AOBTA® - CP

I found AMMA Therapy to be a helpful pairing to Western Medicine, both as a diagnostic tool and treatment option. What I love about Traditional Chinese Medicine is each treatment is specifically designed for each individual. I am spiritually open-minded with a calming presence and I enjoy learning new perspectives. In my personal time I prefer to be in the outdoors, especially near bodies of fresh water with high mountains. Sessions may include : -Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis -Gua Sha -Fire Cupping

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