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Use Your Intuition to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Fear.  It is not always what you think it is.  

Sometimes, it is that loud voice screaming that something is wrong.  More often though, it is that sneaky voice in your head that just keeps you small.  It may remind you of mistakes that you have made, and pull those memories up in the middle of the night.  

Fear can also feel like regret.  Or shame.

Our beautiful brain communicates using fear, it is a built-in survival mechanism to help protect us.  Unfortunately, this mechanism can be overactive if left unchecked, and can wreak havoc on our nervous systems.  So…how do we navigate our lives in symbiosis with this fear response?

The first step is simply to learn to identify fearful thoughts.  That is what this Intuition to overcome Fear and Anxiety course is going to teach you.  In order to access your intuition, you need to step away from the fear in your brain.  In order to step away from it, you need to become the observer of your thoughts and see the worry-patterns when they show up.

Once you are able to identify these patterns, you can begin to train your brain to navigate away from them.  Let them go, change your mind!  There are simple techniques and tools to retrain your brain to get out of these ruts in your neural pathways.  We will practice these in class.

But what I really want to talk about is what is on the other side of fear. That is your intuition.  It is your higher intelligence and the universe/source–who would never speak in fear, as it is simply not their language.  Once you breakthrough into your intuition, you experience so much freedom.  You have freedom from worries, doubt, and self-defeating behaviors.  You begin to develop more self confidence and stop looking outward for answers.  Intuition leads you to empowerment and peace of mind.  Intuition leads you back to YOU.

When I learned how to access my intuition, I was awe-struck.  For so long, my mind had been blocking me from my psychic abilities through negative self-talk.  So when I began to let go of fear and negative thought patterns, I stepped into my power.  It was a beautiful remembrance of who I am and what I am capable of.  Memories of metaphysical experiences from my childhood returned to me, encouraging my path.  

And this beautiful process of unveiling my authentic self continues the more I practice these tools and techniques of going inward.  I am still surprised at my ability to access accurate information for clients, which makes me want to share more with the world.  That is the purpose of this class.  I want to inspire people to believe in themselves and to reach deeper within to find answers.  This class has an “If I can do it, you can do it” sort of vibe.  I believe that the best way for people to learn something is not simply being told what to do, but to be able to practice it with guidance and support.  When you see what you are capable of–there will be no stopping you.  

That voice of fear will get quieter and quieter.  It may never disappear, but you will see beyond it to the truth–and it will set you free.

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