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Herbs for Holidays, support your digestion, gratitude

Herb of the Month - Meet Sage! #VERVAINHOTM

Sage (Saliva Officinalis)

What is Sage?

Salvia officinalis, the common sage or garden sage, is a perennial, evergreen subshrub with woody stems, grayish leaves, and blue to purplish flowers. It's best known for its action in cooking and has so many benefits.

A medieval saying echoes this: "Why should a man die while sage grows in his garden?".

  • Sage Benefits:

  • Sage is lovely remedy for:

  • Soothing sore throats

  • Supporting digestion function

  • A wonderful cognitive support (especially when combined with rosemary)

  • Oral Heath

  • Moving blood

Interested in hearing more about Sage? Tune in for this podcast with Herbs with Rosalee 

Ready for more Sage?

Vervain carries Sage in bulk, as well as these incredible blends!

Hi! What made the cut for Vervain's favorites for November? Let's get cozy! Check it out below…

Top picks for November: Let's get cozy!!

Please note our hours!

The Vervain Collective is open Tues-Sat 9-7 and Sun 11-5. Our online store is open 24/7 for shipping and pickup.

We can't wait to see you!

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