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Fight, Flight, Fatigue - How treating your adrenals may give you some relief. 

A class series about Fatigue!

Meet Dr. Michaela Falkner, NMD -

The Vervain Collective is partnering with Dr. Michaela Falkner, NMD to present a more in-depth series on adrenal dysfunction, natural treatments, and what to look for beyond the adrenals for persistent fatigue.

One of the main concerns patients come into the office with is fatigue. Oftentimes its dismissed in other appointments as circumstance, environment, or stress; especially when basic labs come back normal.

However, there is an often overlooked organ that contributes significantly to fatigue.

The adrenal glands sit atop your kidneys and are responsible for creating multiple hormones, including cortisol. Cortisol is a longer term stress hormone that works in concert with adrenaline to help you escape the stressor. Cortisol is partially responsible for flight or fight mode. However, when stress stays at an all time high, cortisol levels can either stay high (wired and tired), or start to drop (fatigued).

Symptoms of adrenal dysfunction can be fatigue, easily startled, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, frequent urination, and many others. There are many different natural treatments that help to re-regulate cortisol levels and support the adrenal glands.

Join us for this 2-part course that will discuss the basics of adrenal physiology, symptoms of adrenal dysfunction, and effective possible treatments for adrenal dysfunction. The second section will take a deep dive into possible further causes of fatigue that might be influencing your adrenal function and overall health.

w/ Dr. Michaela Falkner, NMD

Wed Feb 23 & Wed Mar 2, 430-6pm

$25 for both classes, or $15 each

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