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"Dandelion is, I'm convinced, one of the greatest tonic herbs of all times. The entire plant is restorative and rejunvating" - Rosemary Gladstar

The City of Boise has been increasing their efforts to reduce pesticide and herbicide use in parks!

Had you noticed more dandelions at your local park this season?

"The City of Boise is working to reduce the use of pesticides on city owned property, including at parks and open space reserves. Our Pesticide Reduction Program is now in its third year and it has expanded to most city parks (we manage more than 1,600 acres of park land across the city!). One of the examples of the program's success is more dandelions in grass and open play areas. These plants are nontoxic for people and pets, and these areas are completely safe for park visitors to enjoy as normal. Learn more about the program: "

Join us to learn more about the City of Boise's efforts to reduce pesticide and herbicide use in parks June 24, 2023

11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

More about Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)! What is Dandelion?

Often thought of as a "weed" to lawn warriors, this plant is actually an abundant source of powerful healing properties.

Dandelion Uses & Benefits

All parts of the dandelion are useful and easy to turn into plant medicine. Young leaves are a nutritious salad green packed with minerals including calcium, magnesium, and iron as well as an abundance of vitamins A and C.

Both leaves and roots of the dandelion are powerful medicine. One of the safest and most effective diuretics, dandelion nourishes and tones the kidneys while also acting as a mild stimulant, thereby increasing the flow of urine and aiding in proper water balance.

Dandelion is also a major alterative, or blood cleanser, providing an abundance of nutrients that are essential to a healthy functioning liver. Both the root and leaves can be used as alteratives, although the root is sometimes considered more potent. The sunny yellow blossoms are also edible and medicinal! The petals can be sprinkled on a delicious spring salad for some color, and of course, you could always try your hand at making dandelion wine or mead!

Identification & Harvesting

It would be hard to find someone not familiar with dandelion’s bright and sunny yellow flowers consisting of a composite of many individual ray florets. In mild climates (especially the PNW) there is year-round growth but around here, they are prolific Spring through the Fall.

If you're going to consume them, make sure to find dandelions that have not been sprayed with toxic herbicides!

Suggested uses: Fresh young greens are delicious in salads, pesto, juiced, or sauteed and added to eggs. Flowers are great slightly dried and used to infuse oil for salves, balms, and lotions. Sprinkle flowers on a salad and use the dried roots and leaves for teas and tinctures.

Ready for more Dandelion?

Vervain carries Dandelion in many forms! We have four preparations available in our bulk herb section: dandelion leaf, dandelion root (raw & roasted, as well as powered), and dandelion root from Purple Sage Farms! We carry dandelion root tincture in bulk as well for use in custom formulas or alone, as well as these fantastic herbal formulations:

Bonus recipe!

Dandelion jelly recipe from our beautiful and talented herbalist & shop steward Erika.

If you'd like to learn more about springtime foraging, check out these great resources:

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