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Winter Teaches Us About Our Period

Winter! It’s the time of year when we find out how prepared we really are once the snow starts falling.

Heat source? Check.

Pantry staples? Yes!

Warm socks? Got ‘em.

Menstruation is a lot like Winter in this way. It’s the time of the month when we observe the fruits of our labor in the weeks leading up to our period.

The week of one’s period comes with a package of clues that offer a lot of insight into hormonal health and more. Using the period as a time for inventory-taking can let you know how to better support your health going forward, making your pre-menstrual and menstrual phases a little easier.

The color and consistency of one’s blood flow, as well as energy levels, cramping, and other clues, can indicate particular organs and functions that need extra help. By strategically providing body systems with the proper support, uncomfortable period symptoms can be alleviated. Many people who improve the quality of their periods experience improved functioning in other areas as well, including digestion and brain health.

Just like Mother Earth slows us down in winter and invites us to rest and recharge, our bodies send signals the week of our period; focus on support, nourishment, rest, and gathering strength for the seasons ahead.

If you are challenged by your periods, you might enjoy one-on-one holistic nutrition sessions through Next Ingredient! Schedule an in-person or video format call as often as you need, to learn how to understand and support your body.

Contact Gail Kloosterman for more information at 541-246-6550. You can also learn more about Next Ingredient by following me on Instagram, or by visiting my website.

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