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The Sun, Moon & Rising - Our Path to Personal Autonomy with Kai

I awoke this morning to a dark sky and the sliver of a crescent waning moon softly illuminating the leaves of the tree outside my bedroom window. As the minutes passed, the darkness of the night began to recede and slowly, the dawn began to claim its place in our sky. Soon, the Sun itself broke across the horizon line of the foothills pouring its golden light over the valley we call home. Night to dawn - dawn to day.

This moment, the breaking of dawn and the transition from night into day is significant in astrology. The Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant are oftentimes called “the big three” because of their significance in the structure of our psyche. It’s for this reason that I wanted to host a class where we can dive into and explore each of these three key psychological energetics.

The Sun is our core identity. It's the central principle of vital creative energy that pulses through us and animates our existence. It’s the spark of Life that we carry within us that is unique to every individual.

The Moon is our emotional and somatic center. It’s the psychosomatic foundation of the Self. It’s our body and soul, our ability to relate and respond to life around us. It’s our emotional capacity to receive and reflect.

The Ascendant is our pathway into this life. It’s our appearance, our personality, our persona. It’s the path that we must take to go out into the world, and also the path that the world must take in order to be allowed admittance into the inner sanctuary of our Self.

When we know our personal astrology, we open a doorway that will lead us to a deeper and more intimate knowing of ourselves and our experience.

My sole purpose as an astrologer is to help others move closer toward radical self-acceptance, deep personal autonomy, the reclaiming of personal power and ultimately stepping into one’s sovereignty.

When we know our personal astrology, the way toward the embodiment of those things becomes a clearly lit path.

We are able to shrug off the cloaks of conditioned behavior that we’ve always been told we have to wear and actively step into the light of our true identity. We can begin to set down the “shoulds” and instead pick up modes of expression that are truly meant for us.

An Aries Sun person will have very different gifts than a Virgo Sun person. A Cancer Moon will have a very different emotional landscape from a Sagittarius Moon.

We are not meant to be the same. We are meant to be different. Our individual uniqueness is what creates a healthy cultural cosmology. But when we’re placed into boxes of sameness, we lose the pulsing vitality that is born of our unique genius and our culture becomes stagnant.

We can find our way back to the core essence of who we are and intimately understand how we, personally, can best navigate the ups and downs of this world simply by learning our personal astrology - and it begins with the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.

I invite you to join me on this path of reclamation. To come and sit in circle with me and to learn about the core essence of these planetary placements and how they can show up in our experience. Learn not only how to identify with them, but how to begin connecting with them on a deep and intimate level.

The words “Gnothi Seauton” are inscribed above the pillared entrance of the Temple of Apollo at the sacred site of Delphi, a holy and sacred gathering place that was a pulsing part of the cultural landscape of ancient Greece.

Gnothi Seauton means Know Thyself.

Our natal astrology is a map of our life. Our past, present and future potentials - and all of the complexities that comes with that. It is our story written in symbols.

Humans are fluid and we have the capability to live life with free will and choice. This means that our natal astrology is not a map written in stone - it is just as fluid as we are. The symbols of our energy and matter have the ability to shift and change in meaning as we shift and change through experiential growth.

This means that every placement, every aspect within our natal astrology lives within a fluid spectrum of possibility. When we tap into the essence of Gnothi Seauton, we grant ourselves a personal power that is unshakeable.

We become sovereign.

We become free.

We become a living, breathing altar of the Universe.

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