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The Human Chakra System

Updated: May 15, 2023

By Susan Fullmer

May 4, 2023

The human chakra system is a series of energy centers or vortices running in a line through the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They are very much a part of our health and well being, just as much as our physical body systems such as the circulatory system or the digestive system. But while during an autopsy one would find a heart or an intestine, there would be no physical evidence of a chakra. The human body is comprised of energy called Life Force Energy. Other cultures have names for this energy such as Chi in China or Prana in India. For many centuries, these and other places in the world have been aware of and utilize this energy force for healthcare. For example, one energy system is the meridian lines which acupuncturists and acupressurists use for healing. Another energy system is the chakras.

When a body is healthy, the energy of that body is also healthy with a strong, balanced flow in the direction it is meant to go. This natural flow of energy can be disrupted, clogged, and consequently ineffectual in its intended function. Physical follows Energy. When our energy systems break down, so too do our physical functions. It is imperative that we keep our energy systems robust so that they can support our good life. Remember, nothing in the body is intended to be stagnant. All systems move, when in their healthy state. This is true on both the physical level and energetic level.

So, what sends our energetic systems askew? And what can we do to bring them back online? The simple answer to the first question is, “Life.” The stressors and rigors of life will do it. Without an energy healer at hand to tell us exactly what is going on, we can actually know ourselves how our energy body is doing. A sense of calm and well being generally means systems are flowing well. Anything less than that - any evidence of disease or hardship on any level: Physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual - means things are amiss and could use some attention. And yes, chakras affect us on all levels of our existence, not just the physical.

In answer to the second question, going to a reputable energy healer will do the trick (there are many good energy healing modalities to choose from). But beyond that, there is a lot we can do on our own. Think of those things that bring you peace and balance. Yep, it’s that simple. Do the thing that works for you, but do it more often and with greater intention. If you hit a wall, ask for help. And consider learning about and implementing any of these helpful tools that can aid in the healing of our chakras:

  • Essential Oils (Aromatherapy)

  • Crystals

  • Foods

  • Color Therapy

  • Music

  • Writing/Journaling

  • Affirmations

  • Being in Nature

  • Meditation

  • Breath Work

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung

Susan Fullmer is an energy healer, energy reader, teacher, mentor, group facilitator, nurse, and licensed massage therapist. She has been in private practice since 1990 with her business, Intuitive Explorations with Susan Fullmer. She draws from decades of study and practice in the healing arts including 35 years of nursing (both medical and mental health) and massage therapy (with extensive study in energy medicine).

$40 for each class

The following WEDNESDAYS from 4:30-6:30 PM

May 3rd - Introduction to the Chakras

May 10th - 1st Chakra (Root)

May 17th - 2nd Chakra (Sacral)

May 24th - 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus)

May 31st - 4th Chakra (Heart)

June 7th - 5th Chakra (Throat)

June 21st - 6th Chakra (Third Eye)

June 28th - 7th Chakra (Crown)

Each class is a stand alone, self contained class so you can take one, several, or all eight classes. The healing journey through all seven chakras is powerful and life changing. What you will receive when you take these classes:

1. Detailed information about each chakra and how their well being - or lack of - affects our lives on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual).

2. How to heal chakras on your own

3. Each class will end with an energy healing and balancing on the chakra

4. The informative, detailed slide presentation used in class will be given to you. It can be used as an ongoing resource.

1. Chakra #1: “I AM” This class will focus on first chakra issues: Earth elements, our bodies, our survival, our ability to manifest, and our ability to feel safe in this world.

2. Chakra #2: “I FEEL” This class will focus on second chakra issues: Emotions, partnerships/relationships outside of the family dynamic, sexuality, sensuality, power, money, and the creative center.

3. Chakra #3: “I DO” This class will focus on third chakra issues: Personal power, self-esteem, master our thoughts, passion, our desires, and our will.

4. Chakra #4: “I LOVE”

This class will focus on fourth chakra issues: Heart Center, love, compassion, and forgiveness.

5. Chakra #5: “I SPEAK” This class will focus on fifth chakra issues: Communication, expressing ourselves, speaking our truth to ourselves and to others.

6. Chakra #6: “I SEE” This class will focus on sixth chakra issues: Third eye, center for intuition, imagination, to see clearly, inner guidance, connection to higher self, and connection to higher states of awareness.

7. Chakra #7: “I UNDERSTAND” This class will focus on seventh chakra issues: Connection to the Divine, connection to pure consciousness and universal understanding, and connection to inner peace.

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