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Ready to move out of the stagnation?!

Welcoming March with open hands, as we ford into Spring!

Ready to move out of the stagnation?!

So are we!

Top picks for March:

Alterative Tea

Liver Vitality


Castor Oil Packs

Badass Bitters

Dry Brush

Herbal Hair Tonic

Hot Eric Honey - Chai

Books: Body Into Balance, Clean Food Messy Life, Moon Cycle Cook Book

Cleanse* | Alkalize* | Microbiome Support*

A therapeutic cleansing superfood with the power to cleanse the liver, harmonize digestion and support the gastrointestinal tract. This cleansing powder is formulated with traditional herbs, roots, algae and seeds known to greatly assist the microbiome: using key herbal prebiotics, such as Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Nettle, Milk Thistle and Alfalfa, alongside nutrient rich algae such as Chlorella and Spirulina. Liver Vitalityalso contains Moringa and Chanca Piedra, two of the most nutrient dense herbs from the jungle. BUY LIVER VITALITY Greens | Daily Cleanser

Castor Oil Packs - These packs have traditionally been used to support assimilation, elimination, and circulation, especially of the lymphatic system, as well as for sore muscles and joints, and menstrual support. Thank you to our lovely and brilliant shop steward Erika for making the Castor Oil Pack flannel wraps and sharing the below video!

Check this video out for a castor oil pack demo!

Interested in learning more about dry skin brushing?? Dry Skin Brushing - An easy way to stimulate the lymph system, support detoxification pathways, and increase circulation.

In honor of the upcoming cleansing season, we present Burdock as the #VERVAINHOTM


Burdock Root (Arctium lappa, A. Minus.) What is Burdock? Is yet another example of a despised "weed" that gives us generous and powerful food and medicine. Burdock grows in a wide range of conditions and habitats. Pictured below is the tenacious wild plant. Fun thoughts: Burdock burrs may have been the inspiration for Velcro®.