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Join us for the Boise River ReWild Project!

Vervain is excited to be a part of the Boise River ReWilding Project!

This program was created by the Golden Eagle Audubon Society, the Idaho Department of Parks & Rec, the City of Boise, and many volunteers. It has two main goals: to 1) restore important wildlife habitat while 2) engaging the community in stewardship of this important wildlife habitat. There are 100 ~½ acre restoration plots, located on public lands along the Boise River, east of downtown Boise. Each plot has a plot leader and team committed to doing work over a two year period to make lasting change possible.

Each plot will be prepared and planted with locally sourced native plants including a diversity of grasses, forbs (wildflowers), shrubs and trees, thus providing food and shelter resources for wildlife. The selected plant species will attract a diversity of birds, pollinators and herbivores. Plots will also be maintained to reduce encroachment of invasive plants and provide supplemental water during summer months. Other tasks include wrapping trees in wire caging to protect them from beavers and tracking plant survival.

Vervain has adopted a plot that we will care for over 2 years. We'll have about 10 work sessions and need about 6-10 volunteers each time. Join us!

Meet at Vervain at 2pm then we can caravan to the site (so no one gets lost).

Bring your own: work gloves, sun protection, proper clothing, snacks/water, anything you need for personal comfort.

The program provides the tools which Vervain will get to the site!

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