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Eat Like A Girl

Upcoming Felicity Class

Many doctors and healers are uncovering what some of our women elders have known all along - the monthly cycle is a unique window into the state of our body. It offers a free monthly check-up that provides unique insight into potential signs of stress and nutrient deficiencies. Along with this, it has the emotional intelligence to illuminate hidden feelings that the body is gently nudging us to embrace. The monthly cycle is in fact, The Fifth Vital Sign, as Lisa Hendrickson-Jack teaches us. So why have we fought with this sign for so long? And why has it often seemed like a curse rather than a blessing? Perhaps it is because we have spent our lives listening to nutritional advice that has not served us. It is time to learn the nutrients that our cycle craves and to adequately nourish ourselves throughout the month. By gathering some simple tools, we can begin to see the symptoms in our cycle as SIGNS. These signs come as a messenger. If we can learn to read the signs, we can learn to craft the nourishment that we need. And with nourishment comes energy! And with energy comes confidence, vision, and the ability to trust our intuition. Learning to read our cycles may be one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves and to the world. But how do we do it? One way is through following the work of Felicity. Felicity is a collaboration between Boise area nutritionists, Dani Forbess and Gail Kloosterman, that offers educational resources to cycling women. These tools support the optimal function of the menstrual cycle from the standpoint that periods are a valuable monthly check-in, teaching us how to be healthy. In the Spring of 2022, we launched a workshop called “Eat Like A Girl” in which we unpacked these foundations: -Stages of our cycle -Nutrient needs of our endocrine system -How to interpret the symptoms of each cycle These foundations offer an alternative to some of the common challenges that might accompany periods, including: -Unfamiliarity with discussing the cycle -Inability to carry out basic daily activities -Intense need to medicate throughout the cycle -Viewing the cycle in a negative way We are pleased to be offering this workshop again in October in the Vervain Classroom in Garden City. This is an opportunity to learn more about the nuances of your individual menstrual cycle, and to gain tools to best leverage its built-in benefits

Thurs. Oct 6 from 5-6:30 pm in Vervain Classroom

$20 general; $30 parent+kid

This class explores the monthly rhythm of the menstrual cycle and highlights which foods and habits can support these hormonal changes. This is an ideal class for menstruators across generations, as it provides ample space to reflect on each unique experience.

It will offer educational insights into how one can understand their hormones - and how hormones can actually help women of all ages to develop and grow into our best selves. Included also are some easy hacks to minimize the stress and chaos that hormones can sometimes wreak on our bodies. All of this in the context of food!

Class comes with a complimentary delicious adrenal cocktail.

Sign up the whole family of women today!

**Open to all people who identify as women or have menstruated or will menstruate!*

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I would love to attend this, however I work on Thursday's until 6:30 pm. Will you be holding this again sometime?

Replying to

I'm so glad that you are interested, and I'm so sorry to hear this timing doesn't work. Depending on how the demand goes for this class, we would be very excited to host it again in the spring.

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