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Earth Month, Butterfly Pea Flower, Allergy Relief, Epic Book Sale, and More!

Spring has finally sprung! Springtime is such a special season: new life, embracing change, growth, and increasing energy. However, for many of us, this also means seasonal allergies.

Here are some of our favorites to support you this season!

Top picks for April:

Herbal Clay Mask (Great for all faces!)

From Oregon's Wild Harvest:

FORMULATED RESPONSE TO SEASONAL CHANGES* Your body's normal immune response to spring, summer, fall and even winter can often feel like a full frontal challenge. The beauty of Quercetin and Nettle (Freeze-dried) is their ability to support your body's normal histamine-producing response.*

In honor of the upcoming cold brew tea season, we present Butterfly Pea Flower as the #VERVAINHOTM

Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria ternatea) What is Butterfly Pea Flower? You may recognize Butterfly Pea Flower by its vibrant blue flowers! Rich in antioxidants and often used as an herbal tea and natural dye.

Parts of Butterfly Pea used: flower; dried, fresh Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (NOTE: adding lemon is optional, but part of the magic of Clitoria ternatea is this party trick: when you add citric acid (i.e. lemon juice), the bright blue brew turns pink/purple! Make sure to serve in a clear glass so you can witness the swirly transformation!)

Ready for more Butterfly Pea Flower?

You can find bulk Butterfly Pea Flower here at Vervain, as well as in the Vava Voom Tea Blend.

Here are some delicious recipes featuring these beautiful blue blossoms:

Here are some tips to support Earth 🌎 Month by shopping at Vervain. Buy loose leaf tea! Repurpose your glass jars and fill them with your tea. Bring in a reusable bag to fill up with your goodies. Refill your tinctures! Yes! Did you know we offer multiple bulk tinctures for you to have refilled? Buy in bulk- from cacao, herbal tea, ashwagandha, liver vitality blends, we have multiple products in bulk. We pride in looking for products that are not sold in plastic. Therefore, supporting your goals to reduce single use plastic! Come see us soon! And incorporate a way of supporting Earth Month every month by shopping local!

Practitioner Appointments Available!

Book an appointment with one of our Practitioners at The Vervain Collective!

Please note our hours! The Vervain Collective is open Tues-Sat 9-7 and Sun 11-5. Our online store is open 24/7 for shipping and pickup.

We can't wait to see you!

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