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Vervain's Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas just over a week away, we thought we’d put together a handy little gift guide for all you last minute shoppers out there 🎁 No judgement! We’re totally in that camp 😉

These gift ideas come recommended straight from our lovely shop stewards themselves, and they know a thing or two! 😊

Let’s get to it!

  1. Vervain’s In-house Herbal Tea Blends: Our tea blend recipes are the genius of local makers, including two of our shop stewards! They’re hand crafted in-house using all organic herbs. We have teas for sleep, anxiety, brain power, gentle liver & lymphatic detox, and many more!

  2. Incense Sticks: Strong, yet not overpowering, use incense when you need to connect to your intuition. Embrace your emotions, dreams, and imagination, and release guilt and shame while the incense purifies your space. Unlike most incense sticks, these contain only pure essential oils and leave out any endocrine disrupting chemicals. Crafted without any chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances, these sticks are made with bamboo-derived activated charcoal that purifies the air as you burn them. The paint used for the sticks is clay-based and 100% plant-derived.

  3. Botanical Simple Syrups & Bitters: Concoct all your favorite beverages with our wide variety of simple syrups crafted from botanicals, not synthetic flavors, and bitters. Great for cocktails, mocktails, coffees, and more, the possibilities are endless for any kind of flavor you can dream up.

  4. The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards: Each with their own unique personality and traits, the plants offer us lessons in resilient, courageous living. Originated from Maia Toll's best-selling book, The Illustrated Herbiary, these richly illustrated oracle cards invite you to connect with the mystical guidance of 36 powerful herbs. Open yourself to the teachings of the plant world.

  5. Body Into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care: One of our best-selling books, this is a handy guide to help you read your body’s signals, get to the root cause of imbalances, and support yourself holistically with herbs and other natural treatments.

  6. Gaia Mist: Use it on your face, body, and as a room spray. It smells like heaven and keeps us grounded. Need we say more?

  7. Dirty Rose Chai Collagen Booster: Containing collagen-supportive plants, digestive spices, and adaptogens, this blend supports, beautifies, repairs, and restores with 100% plant allies. An excellent vegan collagen booster for those looking to strengthen their bones, nails, hair, and skin. Easy to use and bioavailable, it’ll keep you glowing from the inside out.

  8. Aromatic Herb Bundle: A locally-sourced and crafted herb bundle from Purple Sage Farms, this giant stick is perfect for cleansing your home and energy. Or use it as a beautiful piece of decor! It is too pretty to burn, after all.

  9. Mugs, Teapots, & Presses: Necessary for any tea lover in your life, we have a huge selection of beautiful mugs, teapots, and cafe style presses. The mugs and teapots even have the strainer inside, ready to infuse tea.

  10. Matcha & Matcha Whisk Set: A complete handcrafted kit made by skilled artisans, this set contains everything you need to make a perfect cup of matcha to perfection. Even beginners can prepare a wonderful cup. Essential gift box for tea lovers everywhere.

  11. Local Superstars: Last, but certainly not least, we carry so many local artisans serving us up with goods including skincare, candles, sleep support, honey, and everything in between. Sloane Marley’s limited edition Stockholm candle and perfume roller smell of earthy petrichor. You can even use the coconut wax from the candle as a body butter once it’s blown out! Apis Sleep Spray soothes with calming herbs infused in witch hazel and magnesium oil, providing a restful night’s sleep. Woodland Wildcraft mini soaps made with freshly harvested botanicals and all natural essential oils make perfect stocking stuffers, and come in a variety of scents. Cosmic Body Vital Woman Serum was created to provide an all-natural solution for women’s reproductive health. This serum stabilizes, firms and tightens, improves hydration, and moves stagnant lymph, holistically supporting women from top to bottom. Radiant Body Butter by Jodeen Revere is the ultimate skin food, filled with luscious oils and butters, feeding your skin from the outside in. Comes in three sizes! Hot Eric Honey is an enticing electuary—raw honey mixed with spices—enjoyed daily to support a healthy immune system, experience superfood powers, and uplift your heart and mind. Snag the mini trio pack, containing all three flavors, or full size!

Reminder that our 12 Days of Christmas deals are still going strong! Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram for fresh sales every day through December 24th! We’ll be revealing our extra special offer for 12/24 on the evening of the 23rd, and trust us, you don’t want to miss it. Plus, with every day that you make a purchase during our 12 Days of Christmas, you’re entered to win our grand prize giveaway valued at over $150! We have four awesome runner-up prizes, too 🎉

We hope you were able to check a few names off your Christmas list perusing through our recommendations and the shop. Thank you for supporting our small but mighty apothecary and filling you and your loved ones with herbal care. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Have a safe and rejuvenating holiday season filled with love, joy, and laughter.

Happy Holidays from all of us at your neighborhood apothecary, The Vervain Collective.

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