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Imagine a bigger, brighter Vervain with more events!

By now you’ve heard the news - Vervain’s apothecary and naturopathic wellness space is moving! This new location means double the retail, more classes and workshops, and more opportunities to work one-on-one with holistic wellness providers!

Your contribution to our crowdfunding campaign will empower our growth as we show our community what Vervain has to offer. Check out this video from one of Vervain's founders, Kelsey Jae, to learn more about why we are embracing support from our “crowd” to fund this new adventure! We appreciate our customers and friends having our back as we take this big leap!

Vervain is grateful for our role in this community. Our comprehensive, full-service apothecary makes plant medicine approachable and accessible to everyone, wherever they are on their wellness journeys. By backing the campaign, YOU are ensuring increased access to holistic healthcare in Idaho!

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