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Can you use your HSA/FSA at Vervain? MAYBE!

Our customers often ask us if our apothecary products can be purchased with their Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This is a hard question to answer definitively because the accounts are not all the same, so it will depend on the terms of that particular account and which products are being purchased. Some customers can swipe their payment card no problem, some customers have their cards denied, and some are able to successfully submit reimbursement requests. So the short answer is - MAYBE!

Generally, HSAs/FSAs cover some over-the-counter health care products, including some herbal medicine. A product manufacturer can work with an HSA/FSA company to get their products pre-approved. In that case, the product manufacturer would notify the vendors and their customers as part of their marketing strategy. For instance, we just got an email from Rasa that their products work for TrueMed! None of our other vendors have (to our knowledge) received any pre-approvals. But that doesn't mean they do not qualify. Basically, you have to check with your account to see what’s on their list.

You can check with your HSA/FSA to see if the products you want are covered, attempt to use your card and see if it works, or purchase what you need and submit reimbursement requests!

We believe that Vervain's well-curated apothecary can support your health care goals, and we'd like to see more use of HSA/FSA funds. If your HSA/FSA company wants to learn more about Vervain to pre-approve us or any of our products, please put us in touch!

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