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Soul Alchemy with Micaela

My name is Micaela Riley, and the phrase that best describes my offering is "Soul Alchemy..." For most of my life, I have felt like I was drowning in fear, anxiety, and feelings of not-enough-ness. Growing up immersed in religion, being a woman in our current culture, and many other layers have contributed to feelings of always needing to do things perfectly, to be tame and "nice" at the expense of my own soul and truth, and to fit my curves into square boxes (as a means of survival, often times.) My own messy journey, one that I will joyfully and endlessly be on, has increasingly involved dropping into my deeper self, listening to the tender and fierce voice of Love that is somehow both me and beyond me, and undoing the layers of "shoulds" to let the Wild Woman inside be just that...wild. And weird. And exactly as she is, messy and beautiful and real. I do not approach this role as one who has life figured out, by any means, by I do extend an invitation to any whom my words resonate with, to embark upon this wild, beautiful adventure of discovering our deepest selves together...

Contact Micaela for an option to buy a 6-session package for $300 and to receive 15% off any session for referring a friend!

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