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Vervain's Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for fun gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place! This guide is loaded with unique, thoughtful, and eco-friendly gifts for the holidays, birthdays, or any other special occassion.

These gift ideas come recommended straight from our lovely owners & shop stewards themselves, and they know a thing or two! 😊

Let’s get to it!

Shop Dr. Nicole Pierce's Favorties:

This is hard because I've handpicked almost every product in the store since we opened, but I can offer a few of my favs for this season that I'm enjoying myself and buying for loved ones!

Resting Mind tea and oxymel - a delicious, nervous-system soothing botanical blend including oatstraw, which is an herb that immediately puts me at ease! A must for this hectic season.

The Nourish Me Kitchen Book Set by my friend and colleague Erika Siegel-Dr. Siegel has taken everything we learned in naturopathic medical school and created a beautiful, comprehensive 2-volume set chock full of the essentials of integrative medicine, cooking, and self-care! (Shhh, don't tell, but I'll be gifting it to my children as they make their way in this big, wide world in households of their own without their mommy/doctor by their side).

Gnome/mushroom t-shirts and tote bags by Little Lark - I've been obsessed with gnomes ever since my mom's friend gave me the Gnome book by Wil Huygen when I was little. Now I share that book with the littles who come into the shop, and drink out of my mama gnome cup, and buy these onesies for every baby I know. Come on in to the shop and I'll show you the pages that inspired my botanical journey; gnomes are amazing herbalists!

Shop Kelsey's Favorites:

I love the Free & Easy Wanderer tincture. Feeling free and easy as I wander along my life path is what I strive for! This Chinese herbal formula helps me and it might be nice for someone else in your life!

This time of year, one of my favorite scents is the forest! I always stock up on the Balsam Fir Hydrosol from Fat of the Land Apothecary - I love the fresh feeling spritz and the smell of Christmas trees.

I also really love Sloane Marley's FIN Body Butter. It feels and smells amazing.

And of course, every tea made by Vervain has a home in my home!

Shop Kate's Favorites:

I'm all about staying healthy and fully enjoying my chosen hibernation in the winter months. so I take the elderberry oxymel to help boost my immune system. Plus it just tastes amazing so I love slurping it up! 

Such a beautiful gift idea for any Earth lover. The mix of palo santo, sage  and vanilla is such a magical combination. You can smell lovely without any chemical nasties. 

These are adorable and bring a retro, mid century vibe to any space. Love that they are completely beeswax, so you don't have to worry about any irritation and sensitivity like with some other candles. 

Makes a great stocking stuffer! Super yummy coffee alternative with adaptogens. Drink it to start your day and get some energy without the caffeine. Or drink it for a midday pick me up. Add some creamer and make it creamy and decadent. 

EO Bar

Create a custom blended perfume roller, room spray or facial mist. Choose from our selection of essential oils and we'll do the rest! A great way to make your gift feel more personal because you chose the scent just for them! We'll put a label on it and give it a fun, custom name inspired by the recipient too! 

Everybody needs a little help when it comes to sleep. Plus creating rituals around bedtime just feels good and special! So you're giving them so much more than just a sleep spray; you're giving them the feeling of self care.

Shop Jayde's favorties:

Euphoria by Anima Mundi is such a delicious addition to, well, really anything you can squeeze it into! Especially fun for cocktails and mocktails with the intention of uplifting the spirit and loving from the heart. I have a special affinity for the heart and yummy flavors, so naturally, Euphoria leads into my favorite Hotspring goodie.

Grief has been prevalent in my life as of recently and I’m so glad that I personally formulated the Earthly Ether LUNGS blend to support my body, in these times, so the sadness doesn't get stuck.

Vital smile! One of my dear friends happens to be modeling this one with her beautiful teeth. Tooth health is so much more than we are taught and I have been feeling the deep support this oil pulling elixir has brought into my life these past couple of months. Plus, it tastes delicious!!

Shop Erika's favorites:

Our Happy Digestion Tea is a wonderful after meal blend to ease bloating and relieve sluggish digestion. I created this tea blend when Vervain first opened her doors in 2019 and it always feels so special when folks come in to tell me how much they love it ❤️

St. Claire's Tummy Soothers pastilles are handy to keep in a pocket or purse to use whenever your belly can use a little soothing. They contain slippery elm and many warming, carminative herbs. Love them!

We also carry St. Claire's Ginger Pastilles that are also great for digestion support and nausea. They are also very pleasant tasting so that's a big plus!

Shop Jaimi's favorites:

Anything mushroom related, tinctures, the coffee and the mushroom powders. I think they are just amazing for immunity and focus.

Karuna Kava- I think I hype the Kava as a chill alternative, I tell anybody who is interested about the super cool kava circle that Ben runs monthly at Karuna. I love that you can ask him all the questions and that it’s donation!

Anything DIY! I really love the makers space stuff- all the oils and wax and cocoa butter to make your own whatever.

Shop Amanda's favorites:

Tallow lip balms! Makes perfect stocking stuffer! Great for keeping your lips feeling smoothe during your winter activites.

Hot Eric Honey! I am a total sucker for all the flavors, yet the chai has me really swooning! Such a great treat during these cold days! Filled with nourished spices to soothe you from the inside out. Perfect for a white elephant gift!

Tea Pots! Make a great gift for any tea drinker or anyone aspiring to sip more tea.

Resting Mind Tea- helps soothe that mental chatter! Everyone could use alittle help to soothe the mind.

Body into Balance Book - Great for anyone interested in diving deeper into understanding how herbs, nutrition and lifestyle can help improve over all well-being.

Have someone on your holiday list that is difficult to shop for? Our holiday bundles are thoughtfully curated to warm anyone's heart!

We hope you were able to check a few names off your Christmas list perusing through our recommendations and the shop. Thank you for supporting our small but mighty apothecary and filling you and your loved ones with herbal care. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Have a safe and rejuvenating holiday season filled with love, joy, and laughter.

Happy Holidays from all of us at your neighborhood apothecary, The Vervain Collective.

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