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Staying hydrated in the summer months!

"Don’t forget to drink water and get plenty of sunlight- You are pretty much a house plant, with complicated emotions." - Unknown


Hydration is one of the major ways of maintaining vitality. We all know drinking water is essential for proper hydration, it also so very important to transport nutrients, cushion bones and joints, removing waste and regulating body temperate to name a few! So, when we don't consume enough water (or we are lacking in electrolyte balance) it can lead to dehydration; causing fatigue, anxiety, depression, craving, etc., if continued to be ignored it can manifest to heartburn, joint pain, constipation, migraines, to name a few.

Although there are important health benefits to drinking adequate amounts of water all year long, when the temperatures rise (as they have been the last few weeks), it’s especially important. Dehydration occurs when more fluids are lost than are taken in, and the body doesn’t have enough fluids to stay hydrated. In order for cells to carry out their normal activities, they need water. However, large quantities of water and electrolytes can get depleted through sweating, emphasizing the importance of hydration during hot summer months.

The main idea here is we all know how important water consumption is, yet it is still the number #1 common deficiency in America! By average most people are fueling themselves with far more diuretics than water! I often hear a lot of people telling me they are drinking a ton of water and still feel dehydrated or they don't like to drink that much water because they don't want to be in the restroom all day. I have been here before as well. Peeing more often when water consumption has been increased is a given. However, it shouldn't be so often that you are annoyed. Many times, this is a sign of electrolyte imbalance! Water literally depends on electrolytes to be properly absorbed. Electrolytes are minerals that conduct electricity when dissolved in water, think of them like spark plugs! Without proper electrolytes the water passes through the body and excreted as urine. Do you know how much water you should be consuming on the daily? Half of your body weight in Ounces! So, if you weigh 150 lbs, you should be drinking at least 76 Ounces per Day!! And this is only half of it! Are you consuming diuretics (coffee, alcohol, non-herbal tea) if you are you need to be increasing your water intake by 1.5 times the ounces of diuretic. So if you consumed 8 oz of coffee, you need to increase you water in-take by 12 ounces. What can you do to maintain proper electrolyte balance? It is as simple as a pinch of SEA SALT!! Yes, that easy Real Mineral Sea Salt (sold at Vervain!). The salt acts as a pilot helping transport the water to be adsorbed on a cellular level and often works best when it has a co-pilot helping out! Glucose! There is a reason why most electrolyte drinks such as "Gatorade" have sugars because the glucose helps the sodium for optimal absorption and hydration! Step in Maple Syrup or Honey! Here is a simple Electrolyte Drink! 8 oz of Filtered Water (Hot or Room Temp) Squeeze of Lemon Pinch of Sea Salt Dash of Maple Syrup

Mix together and ENJOY!!

Hydrate and nourish with herbal tea!!

Herbal Teas are a great way to stay hydrated during these hot days! Maybe it's too hot to enjoy them "hot". What to do? Brew, steep and strain- and cool. And serve on ice. Yum!

Here are some of my favorites to enjoy cold!

Place in a sunny spot for 4 hours.

Bring inside- let cool (I place in the fridge). Strain & Top with ice.

This is also delicious with some oatstraw for extra minerals!

My personal favorite Vervain Herbal blends that are delicious cold! Farm & Forage, More than Skin Deep, Fog Lifter

In addition to being a Nutritionist (where I take clients remotely and in person), I also work in the apothecary as a shop steward. I’m there a few times a week, so pop by and say hi!!

Let’s work together! If you’re interested in learning more about what I do and how we can work together, I invite you to schedule a

To learn more about Amanda, view recipes, read her blog, and more, visit Outdoor Foodie & Wellness or follow her on Instagram @wildlyfed_fntp! If you have any questions let me know! Wildly Nourishing,


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