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Soul Alchemy with Micaela~

As I begin my journey of opening this practice and offering 1:1 sessions, I realize this

wording can be ambiguous and it may be helpful for me to explain more fully what

“Soul Alchemy” actually is!

The word alchemy has many different definitions, but in spiritual or soul terms its

essence is transformation on a deep, internal level. It involves our shedding of social

conditioning, stories, beliefs, and emotional pain that keep us stuck or small, so that

our true, original, and wildest selves can emerge. I believe that part of the reason we

are having this human experience is to evolve from fearful ways of thinking and

being into greater love, trust, and co-creation with the Universe. Soul alchemy is

soul birthing; it is tending to what is within our hearts and bodies, beyond what our

minds think they know, and slowly allowing ourselves to become. To grow. To

expand and be wild and outside of the box. And it is from this place of inner

transformation that our outer lives begin to change, in beautiful and real ways, as

well. I know, because I am experiencing it.

Soul Alchemy is different from counseling, energy work or Reiki (although I do

integrate these modalities into my sessions at times, and highly recommend seeing

practitioners who specialize in each.) In these sessions, you are your primary healer

and are directing the current of your growth. I am simply a space-holder…

delighting in watching you and your journey blossom and unfold.

I’d also like to note… in my own personal life, dabbling in different streams of

psychology, religion and spirituality, I have frequently experienced shame,

heaviness, and the feeling that I should be doing “more.” As I grow deeper in my

relationship with the Divine and with myself, I am learning that true spirituality and

soul work, while they involve holding space for our harder emotions (like sadness

and anger,) also mean moving into a deeper capacity for joy, connection and love in

ourselves and in our lives. The “work” should feel light. Hard, at times, yes. But

always light.

If these words resonate with you, and this service sounds like something you are

looking for, please reach out to me… I would love to connect!


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