Holistic Nutrition & Herbalism

The human mind, body, and soul respond to food and plant medicine in complex ways. The holistic nutrition and herbalism practitioners at Vervain are here to guide you in your understanding of these relationships.

Amanda Johnson

One-on-one Nutrition Coaching to help support people seeking the root cause of various health challenges. Issues addressed can include hormonal imbalances, reduced energy, sleep issues, digestion and nutrient assimilation, blood sugar imbalances, and general wellness goals to make diet regime changes to feel wildly nourished. Amanda is a Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner.


Gail Kloosterman

One-on-one consultations (virtual or in person) to address the challenges you are facing in reaching your wellness goals. Balance your hormones, manage chronic illness, and feel better overall with Gail Kloosterman, BSN & INHC at your side.